Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Every journey starts with.....planning!!!

The second part of my running articles is about best way to start your training now you know how. This is SMARTER planning by setting goals:

Specific: I will be able to run nonstop of 20mins or I will run my fastest ever 5k/10k/Half Marathon!

Measureable: that is the 20mins mentioned above or beat your time by a specific amount already decided by you for another 5k/10k/Half Marathon.

Achievable: you should be able to identify the abilities, time and skills that you will have to have to reach your running goal such as training time available.

Realistic: you should be able to gage from common sense and past experience what is possible for you as an individual. You must believe it! Use positive language and be rational - I will be a double Olympic champion does not work for everyone but we are all able to achieve more than we think we are.

Timed: set a time limit on when you are going to achieve your goal by - I will run my first 5k in 12 weeks’ time.

Evaluate: always look back at your goals to allow for adjustment due to any changes that may happen in your life. Maybe you book a late holiday and this means you need to extend your timeline.

Recorded/Redo: Keep a record of your goals so you can look back and adjust them if needed using the SMARTER process again.

Please contact us if you have any questions and follow me on facebook or twitter @djptsmarter for more tips.  It can be wise to consult your GP before starting any new exercise regime.

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