Friday, 10 May 2013

Burn baby burn....those calories

A great way of losing weight is to speed you metabloism up in this blog we expoler how to do that with exercise.
Intense bouts of exercise triggers a response in the body that elevates your metabolism for up to 48 hours. This increased calorie burning effect after your workout refers to excess post oxygen consumption(EPOC). Your body increases oxygen utilization during EPOC to restore the body to pre-exercise levels. Understanding how to increase this exercise response will assist you in maximizing your results.

Use the interval training method. High-intensity intervals provide the biggest effect on EPOC. Perform intervals by alternating between brief periods of working as hard as you can followed by short durations at a lower intensity.

Incorporate weights into your workout plan to increase EPOC. Resistance training stimulates a greater response for EPOC compared to aerobic training. Perform compound or multi-joint movements that involve multiple muscle groups per exercise.

Use the circuit training method for increased EPOC. Circuit training produces higher EPOC effects than traditional weight training. Circuit training involves combining eight to 10 exercises that are completed without rest.

Increase the intensity of your workout routine. Intensity provides the basis for excess post oxygen consumption. Add intensity by decreasing rest periods or increasing speed/workload/weight used
Before starting on any exersie rigime it can be wise to consult your GP and speak to a personal trainer. The above training method is not suitable for everyone!


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